Hazards of tap water & the solution

Hazards of tap water & the solution

Dangers of tap water:

Tap water contains dissolved minerals including calcium, chlorides, sodium, and bicarbonates along with chlorine and fluoride. Different test studies have found out that traces of lead, copper, iron, aluminum, nitrates, herbicides and insecticides are also found in tap water. These substances can cause diarrhea, high bloodblood pressure, impaired mental amp physical development in children, and even cancer.

What s the solution

In order to overcome this serious issue, many approaches can be followed. For example, you could contact your local environmental office and conductconduct different tests on your water supply but the simplest and the most affordable solution would be to install a home water filtration system which filters out these dangerous contaminants from the water and makes it safer to drink. YouYou need to make sure that you get your water filter from a certified and well reputed company like Whirlpool.

Whirlpool Water filters:

Whirlpool is a renowned name in household appliances. They offer different types of water filters in orderorder to meet the requirements of the clients. The water filters may be installed at two places: Point of Entry and Point of Use. Point of Entry systems filter the water as it enters your house through the supply line,line, whereas point of use systems filter the water where it is used. If you want pure water coming out of every tap in your home, you should be going for the Whirlpool whole home water filtration system. It providesprovides the same clean, purified water throughout the house that you expect to use in the kitchen. You can get good tasting water for the food and drinking purposes and you get water free from chlorine and other damaging chemicals for your bathroom. Unlike contaminated and impure water, this filtered water would never damage your plumbing system which would ultimately save you the maintenance money.

If you re looking for a budget friendly deal, you should probably buy the point of use filtration system: Whirlpool Under sink filter. It is installed at the faucet like your kitchen tap where you use your water. It filters the water for any harmful contaminants or hazardous minerals and provides good tasting, pure water.

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