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Learn about Whirlpool washing machine parts

Now a day women are more dependent on their washing machine to clean, wash and dry their clothes. With the help of washing machine laundry is become easy and convenient. Previously women were more dependent on their maids to do their laundry or they had to wait till the weekend to do their household laundry by themselves which was such a tiring task. Technology answered the prayers of all women and made their lives easy by inventing a washing machine. It is important to understand the different parts of the washing machine.

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Whirlpool Washing Machine Parts

Different categories of whirlpool washing machine parts

 Motors
 Drain pump
 Agitator
 Water inlet valve/ Solenoid
 Door latch, locks and interlocks
 Suspension spring
 Hoses and belts
 Filters
 Knobs and buttons
 Timer
 Heating elements
 Carbon brushes

Common problems with washing machine that can be easily repaired

Washer door or lid won’t lock: This is a very common problem. The lock and the switch assembly can fail electrically or mechanically and is the cause for washer door or lid not getting locked.

Washer fills slowly: The water pressure from the hose might be too slow hence the water fills slowly.

• Washer is making loud noise: The tub bearing must be faulty that why making noise

• Washer overflowing: This must be due to the hole or crack in the drain pump.

• Washer stops mid cycle: The lid switch might be defective hence the washer stops mid cycle.

• Washer won’ agitate: This is a common problem and can be solved with agitator kit.

• Washer won’t drain: The pump belt might be broken or drain pump might be defective.

• Washer won’t spin: This might be due to motor coupling failed.

• Washer won’t start: The power, user control or display needs to be checked for the problem.

Repairs parts to rectify these problems:

 Washer door or lid won’t lock: Door lock, door latch, main control board

 Washer fills slowly: Water inlet valve, hose, and pump

 Washer is making loud noise: Tub bearing, Tub seal, rear drum bearing, pulley

 Washer overflowing: washer inlet valve, pressure switch

 Washer stops mid cycle: Lid switch assembly, timer, main control board

 Washer won’ agitate: agitator, drive block, door lock motor

 Washer won’t drain: Pump belt, drain pump, hose, and drive belt


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