Different parts of a washer

Different parts of a washer

A washer is such an appliance that is used very widely these days and is a need of each house. There can be such situations in which the washer parts need to be repaired or maintained, so it is important to have some knowledge about the parts of a washer.washer. Whirlpool is a famous company that is well-known for different appliances in which washers are also included. The company provides shipping for the parts of washers and they can be ordered online. There is a return option with inin thirty days.

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The different parts of a whirlpool washer are discussed below:

Thrust spacer

The thrust spacer is supposed to be made of plastic and is white in colorcolor generally, it is called a retainer ring. It has a usage in a lot of the models of washing machines which are considered as direct drive machines the usage of retainer is in the assembly of agitation. The retainerretainer ring is supposed to be present inside the agitator. When the thrust spacer appears to act like it gets noisy, starts pumping but does not spin or starts shaking and moving, it needs to be fixed.

Hose Clamp


The hose camp is supposed to be individually solid. The symptom which shows that hose clamp is to be fixed is leakage. For the installation of hose clamp, the washer is to be disconnected from the source of power first. The wiring, hoses, etc. are also to be disconnected. Afterwards, the new clamp for the hose is to be installed in place of the previous hose clamp. After doing this you are required to close the covers of the up front and the power supply is to be restored.

Lid switch assembly with leads

There is a pin on the lid that pushes the lever of the switch of the lid for telling the machine that the lid has been closed. The symptoms for the lid switch assembly with leads that show it needs to be fixed are those either the lid or the door does not open or it does not drain.

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