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Buying a washer doesn’t sound that much of fun but it is an important investment that will pay you off for a long span of time. So you have to make the right choice. Here are a few basics that will help you decide:

Front Load or Top Load?

When you’re looking to buy a washer, you’ll eventually come across whether you want to buy a front load or a top load washer. According to the experts, front load washers are way better than the top loads. They treat the clothes in a better way, consume lesser water, accommodate more clothes, and are more economical as far as the power consumption is concerned. But the not so good point is that they are expensive – almost double the cost of a top load washer. Keeping in mind that you’ll be using the washer for almost 10-15 years, the running expenses of a top load balance the price difference.

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Whirlpool Washer And Dryer

Why go for a combo of washer & dryer?

Different things are kept in mind while someone goes to buy a washer: price, features, size, power consumption etc. The most critical of all is likely to be the size of the washer as you’re buying the washer for your own convenience so you won’t be willing to hamper the space with a large one. Therefore, going for the combo of washer and a dryer is the perfect choice. Moreover, you should look for a renowned and well reputed manufacturer like Whirlpool as it is a long term investment and you would want to buy a reliable product.



Whirlpool Washer & Dryer:

Whirlpool is the no. 1 home appliances company in the US. They offer a variety of washers and dryers with different features and different price ranges. Combos of washers and dryers start off from around $1300. The combos are designed to fit in the space wherever you want to place them. They have different features like temperature and moisture control etc. They come with a smooth porcelain basket which saves your clothes from scratches, different chemicals and odors. In addition to these features, there is an auto dry draining system which senses when the cloth has got the right moisture and stops the dryer in order to prevent over drying.


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