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Be a happy customer with Whirlpool service support

Whirlpool came into existence in the year 1980. In 1995 it acquired Kelvinator India Ltd. Initially they started with the manufacturing of washing machine and then extended their portfolio to other appliances like refrigerator; water purifiers, air conditioners etc. Today Whirlpool has established its name in the electronics world and has successfully built up a good customer base all over the world. This is because of quality products and good customer service. They ensure that customers never face any problems with their appliances and are always satisfied and happy with their products. They aim to bring their customers back to them for any new purchase and be loyal to their brand. Whirlpool service Centre provides support for repairs and replacement of appliances.

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They offer a number of services like:

 My appliances
 Product registration
 Service & repair
 Manuals & literature
 Product help
 Extended service plans
 Recall information
 Replacement parts
 Service plan

Benefits of product registration:

For your safety: Product registration is important so that the company can inform of any unlikely event that may require safety notification.

Warranty service: To provide better warranty service for your product

Confirmation of ownership: In case of any uncertain event like loss due to theft, fire or flood registration can be a proof of purchase of the product.

Access to manuals: Product registration can provide easy access to the manuals, help and repairs.

Benefits of Service and support:

Whirlpool provides extended warranty for its appliances. It means that one can enjoy the services and benefits of Whirlpool even after the expiry of warranty. One can buy the annual maintenance contract and remain tension free for any inconvenience or uncertainty.

Advantages of Annual maintenance contract

 One can enjoy the benefits of factory certified original parts and genuine spares for replacements of parts.
 One can get extra warranty period as bonus upon renewal of their contract.
 Excellent service with 24*7 customer support and online, SMS, telephone registry of complaints.
 Trained and expert technicians and staffs for solving the issue as early as possible.
 They offer unbelievable discounts and exchange offers for their loyal customers.
 They go the extra mile to provide complete satisfaction to their customers.


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