Whirlpool Refrigerator ingredients

Whirlpool Refrigerator ingredients

Many times life requires a little maintenance. When the Whirlpool Refrigerator does too, use the high end factory certified parts designed especially for the user need. The following are the Parts of Whirlpool Refrigerator.

Shelf amp Shelf Support

It includes Door shelf bin, Pantry drawer end cap for the leftleft side amp support trim piece, Spill guard shelf assembly with glass, Shelf retainer, End cap for door bar both right and left , Refrigerator and freezer door shelf retainer bracket, Meat pan cover without glass, Refrigerator lower shelf-drawer support


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It is used to store meat and vegetables. The parts of drawers are Basket, Crisper Drawer, Drawer Cover, Drawer Divider, Drawer Front, Drawer Front Trim, Drawer Glide,Glide, Drawer Glide Gear, Drawer Guide, Drawer Slide Rail, Drawer Support, Drawer Track, Humidity Control, Meat Pan, Pan, and Wire.

Ice Maker

Ice maker can produce ice both the crushed and cubed form. It includes Acceler-Ice Unit, Auger Drive,Drive, Crushed/Cubed Ice Solenoid, Drive Cam, Drive Gear, Drive Motor, Ice Bucket, Assembly, Ice, Ice Bucket Baffle, Ice Bucket Coupler, Ice Bucket Front Plate, Ice Bucket Housing, Support, Ice, Ice Crusher Blade, Ice Crusher Blade Bearing, Ice Crusher Housing, IceIce Cube Guide, Ice Cube Tray, Ice Ejector Bar, Ice Gear, Ice Level Arm, Ice Maker Assembly, Ice Maker Cover, Ice Maker Mold and Heater, Ice Stripper, Icemaker Module, Mold Heater, Water Fill Cup


Filter is used to filter water and air separately. It includes Air Filter, Charcoal Filter, Filter Holder, Water Filter, Water Filter , Bypass Plug, Water Filter Head, Water Filter Housing

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