Stay chilled with Whirlpool ice maker

Ice maker is a great appliance that makes quantity of ice quickly without any hassles. Whirlpool is a very well know brand for all electronic like refrigerators, washing machine, freezers etc. Ice makers are very useful if you throw part on regular basis or have a big family. They areare also used inn offices and big companies.

Features of whirlpool ice maker

It can produce lbs of ice every hours.
It has a large capacity bin which can store lbs of ice
It produces fresh andand clear ice.
It has a large storage bin with a large scoop to store drinks and containers with ice.
It is easy to clean.

It is easy to install.
It has a reversible flat doordoor for convenient accessibility.
It has adjustable leveling legs to provide stability to the ice maker.
They are available in freestanding or build in design and that requires less space.
It is available in white, black oror stainless steel finish

How does ice maker works

Portable and affordable ice makers are used commercially or for domestic purposes. They prove to be a blessing during the hot summer days. An ice maker works exactly like aa freezer in the refrigerator. One needs to pour water in the ice tray and let it cool till it turns into ice. An ice maker is fully automatic and the process of pouring the water and extracting the iceice is automated too. An electric motor, water valve and an electrical heating unit are used in ice makers. It needs to be hooked with the refrigerator for the electrical supply.

Uses of portable ice makers:

Space: An ice maker can save up the space in the freezer for other items. The ice trays in the freezer can produce only small quantity of ice. Making ice in bags or in other trays used the space in the freezer.

Quantity: The ice makers can make a large quantity of ice. It is perfect for large families and get together or parties.

Outing: Portable ice makers can be carried anywhere say on a picnic, boating etc.

Office use: It can be used in offices to provide instant ice to the employees to enjoy their beverages and keep themselves cool.

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