Whirlpool Dryer Parts

You may consider yourself as a laundry appliances expert but there are so many recent technological innovations that will force you to study the product short book to know all about it. Few terms which are related to whirlpool dryers utilized in daily routine life.

Auto oror Moisture sensor

Its basic function is to sense the level of moisture in the washing drum. When it senses that the washing items are properly dry in the dryer then it fives a signal as a consequence ofof which a drying cycle stops. It also prevents the over drying of garments and other items.

Steam Refresh

After a heat cycle of minutes given to clothes there is a short injection of steam or water over dry clothesclothes to overcome the wrinkles, smell and remove static. A water hook-up is therefore an essential part of such dryers.

Antibacterial Sanitizer

Recent Whirlpool dryers are also having an inbuilt antibacterial or sanitizer function within them. This function kill .. germs within the garments during the drying process. Few units are coming up with NSF certification showing that they have been checked and attested by a third party or neutral organization.

Child lock

Another important function in Whirlpool dryerdryer is the child lock which locks your appliance during or after its usage. This will keep your dryer safe from change in settings during drying by your child. It will also prevent your kind from any accidental injury too.


Damp Alert

There is an alarming tone in Whirlpool dryers which indicate that washing item is still damp and also indicate the limit of dampness.

Reverse Tumble

Now a days there are Whirlpool dryers which are coming with an inbuilt reverse tumble drum. Its function is to prevent the heavy items like Jeans, bed sheets and towels from twisting and tangling. This reverse cycle allows the heavy items to dry evenly without leaving them damp.

Speed or Express Dry

Its function is to give a to minute cycle to those clothes which you need to dry urgently including uniforms and sports uniform. This quick cycle can also help in drying those clothes which were a bit damp earlier.

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