Better Customer Service Earns Better Future for the Company

Better Customer Service Earns Better Future for the Company

Customer Service

It is defined as the action related to identification and satisfaction of all the customer s requirements. It is important to mention that the products are material things but the services provided to the customers are intangible just like a haircut or taxi travel. Better service providing companiescompanies develop a good relation with the consumer or client and their repute flourishes well. For instance when you visit a furniture shop to buy some wood and they benefit you by installing the furniture in your house then youyou will feel developing a good relation with the shop. And if they go a step farther and help in repairing that furniture on your single phone call then you will be going to become their regular customers. But thatthat only happened due to their excellent service.

Whirlpool Customer Service

As far as the customer service provided by Whirlpool is concerned we cannot rank it as an excellent service provider. I have gone through more than reviews which collectivelycollectively rank Whirlpool service as out of companies which are presently providing customer care service. There overall score is . out of possible depending upon above mentioned reviews. They need to improve this sector to enhance their reputation and survivesurvive well into the competition with Bosch, Samsung and LG which are quite ahead from it.

Statistics on Whirlpool Service

Presently survey was conducted among people using Whirlpool services about their experiences. They called it terrible and gave various views about the Whirlpool customer service. negative comments were given out of those participants. Only participants came up with the positive comments. According to the survey the ability of resolving the issue by the customer service is only . and their reachability is just . The participants in the survey mentioned that the knowledge about the product is also very low i.e. . and their friendly approach was ranked as . . This survey leaves a big question mark for the Whirlpool customer service and also provides a roam to improve in order to compete with their contemporaries.

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