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What is VGA Cable?
So you get one of these situations when you certainly get the itch to play your favorite video game on a bigger screen or play your movie on a projector screen. And if you start thinking whether it’s possible or not, then a VGA to RCA cable might be the device you want. By device, I don’t mean those bulky ones; it’s just a cable after all.

Technical Terms:

So at first, let’s get to know with the technical terms. A VGA (Video Graphics Array) is a pin connector in precise. It carries analog signals such as video data. The higher quality VGA cables contain co axial wiring and some insulation. It should not suffer from signal cross talk. The VGA is mainly concerned with handling the video signals.

On the other hand, an RCA connector is an electrical connector that has the capability to carry audio and video signals. Nowadays these cables are almost used in every device whether it’s a projector or an Xbox 360. RCA is rather considered as a form factor not some specific or precise type of cable that most people consider it to be.

Most of these cables are usually color coded i.e. yellow for composite video, red for audio channel and white or black for stereo audio.

And if your TV uses composite video inputs, then you require a converter.


In basic language, our TV or laptop has a component video, and VGA is part of it and then what we need is a converter that can go from component to composite i.e. RCA. The major use of a VGA to RCA cable is to transfer signals from one device to another back and forth. This cable is used to bring a good quality video performance. For this you have to use the signal output functionality of your laptops through a VGA connector and display it using RCA cable.

So basically, your computer needs to have a VGA connection and a RCA connection to transfer signals and play a video i.e. the proper transfer from component to composite.

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