Toshiba Pa3534U-1Brs - 1

Toshiba Battery- Pa3534U-1Brs

The type of the battery is Li-ion Replacement battery. The capacity of the battery is 5200mAh and it functions as a 4000-4800 mAh battery. It lasts longer than the 4000-4800 mAh battery. The voltage capacity of the battery is- 10.8V which is compatible with an 11.1V battery. It consists of 6 cells and comes in Black color. The product dimension is 1.5 inches x 8.7 inches x 2.2 inches.

Specifications of Toshiba Battery Pa3534U-1Brs

With the capacity of 10.8 V x 4000 mAh, it snaps out of and in the battery slot in moments. The recharge time is upto 4 hours or 12 hours. The product comes with Toshiba Reliability and quality. The weight of the battery is 0.68 Lbs.

Toshiba Pa3534U-1Brs - 1
Toshiba Pa3534U-1Brs

Toshiba selects Satellite Pro and Satellite series portable computers. You can take your workspace on the road without giving up on convenience, productivity or performance with Toshiba notebook battery packs.

Use of a Battery

The power of the battery lets you use your laptop around your campus, office or your house. Improved life of battery can help you be more productive and stay connected wherever your tasks and works take you. This battery pack is can be used either as a replacement or a spare battery. It exceeds or meets the requirements and qualifications of the original battery which comes with your notebook.

Important features-

• Authentic Toshiba reliability and quality

• Snaps in and out of the slot of the battery in seconds.

• Boost your Toshiba notebook’s life while on the road.

• Boosted capacity battery for lengthy life.

• Generally, when you purchase this item online, you get these items in the box- Safety instructions manual, Toshiba battery pack and CE declaration

• This product comes with a limited warranty of 1 year.

• The battery is RoHS compliant.

The life of the battery may differ considerably as it depends on the product configuration, model, power management settings, applications and utilized features along with the natural performance deviations produced by the individual component’s design. Published life numbers of the battery are accomplished on select models and the compositions tested by Toshiba at the publication time.

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