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Bring home the joy of watching television with TCL Television

TCL Corporation is a multinational electronics company based in China. TCL is a known brand and manufactures wide range of products like televisions, air conditioners, washing machines, phones etc. It was the third largest manufacturer of televisions in the year 2013. Since three decades, TCL has been involved in manufacturing quality products for consumer use. TCL makes its own TV panels and are assembled in their own factories. This vertical integration makes the entry of the product at very affordable prices. TCL has around 35 research centers all around the world.

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Tcl Television

TCL televisions

TCL televisions are very well known brands and are available with wide range of models and screen sizes at any authorized dealer or can be ordered from online electronic stores. The TCL televisions screen sizes range from 32 inches to 55 inches. This means you can get any size of television on the basis of your room size and structure. TCL televisions incorporate high end technologies with provision of personalizing the home screen and placing your favorite lists. You can easily connect your Smartphone’s with the TV and stream you tube videos or even your own videos. The commands of the television can also be controlled from your smart phone. The remote available with the television is the simplest working remote ever known, with very few buttons. The looks give a very classy feel to your living rooms.You can Check best prices and reviews at about .

Features of TCL televisions

– Great looks with amazing features

– HD 1080 quality pictures

– Clear sound output and clarity

– Screen size variations

– Connectivity through Smartphone

– Ability to stream live videos

– Smart features

TCL televisions are great to have at home due to its versatile working and amazing looks. TCL becomes a big part of the family. One can choose the television on the basis of the room space you have with you. Bringing the TCL television will be a great decision for having a great viewing experience. TCL televisions do not fail you in any aspect. So, check for the wide range of models from TCL.

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