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Sony Vaio Notebook review

Sony has always prided itself as a reliable provider of high quality electronic products. There are numerous reasons why the company’s electronic products have continued to be very popular today. In particular, it is due to the numerous desirable features that the products come with. The Sony Vaio Notebook is not an exception to this rule. Like most of the electronic products by Sony, it also comes with a vast array of high quality features that are worth going for. Therefore, it is a good idea to go for this notebook. The Vaio netbooks actually exist in four series. Sony has grouped them according to functionality and performance along with certain features. A good look at the features that are associated with each series will show that the netbooks are all worth buying. Even if they fetch more than what most of the other netbooks fetch, they are still worth their value.

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Sony Vaio Notebook

The Sony Vaio duo 11

This series hit the tech market towards the close of the year 2012. There are numerous good features that the series came with. For example, it came with touchscreen features which have continued to be one of its major strongholds in as far as attracting customers is concerned. Its slim nature also accounts for its ability to entice buyers.

The Sonny Vaio T

During the early 2012, this series was brought on board by Sony. It is mainly renowned for its great number of ports and reliable connectivity options. The device is also renowned for its ability to boot within a short period of time. However, it lacks the much needed gaming graphics.

The Sonny Vaio E

This is a perfect laptop that guarantees the user a reliable platform for both play and work without any kind of physical limitations. Notably, the keyboard and CPU of the device is worth reckoning with. However, a weak touchpad and a fairly short battery life may just put you off.

The Sonny Vaio S

It comes with a commendable number of ports and has a perfect cooling system. But, it lacks a touchscreen feature.

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