Televisions are household electronics. This makes it a mass medium for transmission of entertainment, edutainment and infotainment. They are able to receive both audio and video transmissions and convert them to sounds and pictures for family viewing. There are different companies that are involved in the production of televisions. OneOne of the best of such companies is Sony.

SONY Corporation

Sony Corporation was founded on the th of May in Tokyo, Japan. Their headquarters is currently in Minato, Tokyo Japan while their European Headquarters is located in Surrey. TheirTheir products are used worldwide which include computers, music mobile phones and games. Their PlayStation is the bestselling game console of all time. They were reputed to be the fourth largest manufacturer of television in the world in . TheyThey are however presently the third largest manufacturer of television

SONY Televisions

Sony started producing televisions in . Their first brand known as Trinitron was basically cathode ray tube CRT televisions. They however stopped producing the Trinitron brand later exceptexcept for the China, Pakistan and Bangladesh market. Sony then branded its TVs, LCD WEGA till before they began the production of their latest brand known as Bravia. Their Brazia televisions are high definition projection and LCD televisions.


types of Sony televisions which include the Sony smart TV and Sony D TV would be discussed.
Sony Smart TV: These televisions have the ability to assess the Internet. It isis also interactive and has applications such as BBC iplayer, Netflix, Demand and Love film. The television also has a special remote control that looks like a laptop trackpad. Sony smart televisions are however still in the development stage as it is still difficultto navigate, internet browsing is slow and default text size is also too small.

Sony D TV: The D technology on Sony s D televisions is active unlike the LG s D technology which is passive. You would also need to get the Sony Active D glass which is powered by battery. The advantage of the active technology is that its quality and resolution is more detailed and higher than passive technology.

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