What Sony Support is all about plus the good… and the ugly of course?

As with any distinguished seller worth his name, offering after sale services invaluable. It plays a crucial part in maintaining customer relations and by extension market share. Sony a giant electronics seller knows this and as part of it s after sale services include consumer support or simply, Sony Support.Support. They are mainly available on the web via the link: http://esupport.sony.com

Purpose of the Sony Support.

This is meant to help users of Sony products when certain aspects of their Sony electronics fail to function. This however is onlyonly limited to the common problems electronics face technical or not, that can be fixed with a few touches or adjusting the settings of the device. For instance, your HD television might not have the optimum display setting depriving youyou of the optimum picture quality. For this Soy support will come in handy. However, for products that require repair, you will be directed to Sony Accredited technician and stand a chance to get yourself discounts on the same.



Essentially, the fact that they are just a click or phone call away to helping one fix a bug on their devices is pretty good to me but they also have a number of extra tasks theythey carry out that gives them an even higher reputation.

Firstly, there s the product registration. Their online support platform provides this service and with it a few benefits as well. This including the activation of your warranty. Also youyou get news and alerts regarding your product and new developments and their effect on your product.

Also, you are linked to reputable technicians and service part distributors should your electronic s need one. This will ensure you are not duped, or handed non genuine spares.

Sonny support is also available on a number of communication platforms including phone toll free , web, fax and email. It s all up to you to decide which to use.


There is not much to say about Sony support that is negative. A few case of their handling of calls at their call support center in a poor manner has been noted in the past though. However, surely this boils down to mere individuals without proper phone etiquette.

Let it not be the reason you refuse to make use of these platforms should your Sony machine s start acting up.

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