Sony – The best in style and design

Sony – The best in style and design

Sony is the largest and most recommended companies for electronic and other appliances. It is the most reputed and trusted brand in the market all over the world. Sony has been manufacturing a variety of products through innovation and advanced technology.

Products manufactured by Sony

Televisions amp Videos
/> Home Audio amp Home theatre
Digital camera
Video camera
Portable audio
Mobile phones
Play station

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Sony History

Sony was founded on thth May . They created their first product in the year which was a tape recorder. Later on they started manufacturing other electronic products like television, handycam, computers etc. Its headquarters is situated in Japan Tokyo. Sony aims to fulfillfulfill the needs and curiosity of its consumer. With the use of advanced technology and quality services to customer it aims to create and deliver innovative products to enhance the experience of its customers. It offers products for different fields.fields. The designs of their products are inspired by new culture, high tech technology and customer experience. Sony products are known for their performance, reliability, features, Design, price etc.

Some of the fields where Sony offers its product are

Consumer Electronics
Network Services
Financial Services

Strength of Sony:

Efficiency: Sony has good manufacturing efficiency. They have all the technologies and machineries available to create innovative products that are required by the consumers.

Skilled workforce: It is the biggest asset of Sony. Skilled workforce enables Sony to manufacture products using the latest techniques and resources. They also provide technical assistance to their customers and solve all their service related issues.

Reputation: Sony has a good reputation and goodwill in the market. People trust this brand and its product over other competitors since it has been in existence since many years.

Quality: The products offered by Sony are high on quality and are value for money. They provide all the products that make the life of its users easy and convenient.

Service: The customer service offered by Sony is commendable. Their technicians have all the skills and abilities to solve and repair the products within no time.

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