Sony Alpha NEX 3 review

Sony Alpha NEX 3 review

Sony has continued to be among the most reliable producers of technological products of various kinds. They are particularly renowned for their popular electronic products such as television sets, radios and mobile phones. However, Sony has also proven to be a very reliable maker of high quality cameras as wellwell as camera accessories. Over the years, they have been able to take the entire camera market by storm. Today, Sony is also a major competitor of the camera industry and often beats certain giants of the camera industry. LikeLike many other giant camera companies today, Sony also has a NEX series which competes greatly with most of the camera series that are currently available on the market. Sony s NEX series also features the Sony Alpha NEX whichwhich is among the best cameras to have ever hit the camera market. In case you wish to buy this camera but you hardly know anything about, consider the following information.

Key features of the Sony Alpha NEX


The Sony Alpha NEX comes with a vast collection of features that make it one of the most reliable cameras that are available on the market today. To start with, it comes with an APS-C sensor having a . megapixelmegapixel as image resolution and a tilt screen feature. It also comes with a video image resolution of p, sweep panorama and interchangeable lens.

Pros over cameras

If you are looking for great cameras that are able to offer greatgreat image capturing and video shooting experiences, you should not hesitate to go for the Sony NEX . This is a camera that is able to offer a great collection of features at a very low price. For this reason, it is often said to be a cheap but great view camera boasting of a remarkable image quality, tilt screen and a compact body. It also boasts of a remarkable sweep panorama feature which most cameras lack.

Cons of the product

You may find a few features about this camera to be quite annoying. For example, it comes with unusual controls and a very small body. The image quality is also not as good as that of the SLR cameras.

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