Sony PMW-F3K review

Sony PMW-F3K review

The Sony PMW-F K is renowned for being an advanced digital camcorder which has revolutionized the way people shoot videos today. Over the years, the camcorder has continued to entice many buyers from all corners of the earth. This is not surprising considering the fact that the device is associatedassociated with high performance and reliability. For live full HD video shooting, this is definitely the best choice. In general, the camera is said to be the leading camcorder on the market because of its vast collection of great featuresfeatures and high performance. This is the camcorder which introduces a new era of super camcorders with highly exceptional abilities. The camcorder is the only one which can take digital production of full HD live videos to another level. HereHere is a quick look at some of the attributes of the device.

General usage

In general, the PMW-F K is a camcorder that is meant for digital cinematography. This is the camcorder to use if you are broadcasting livelive from a specific location. No doubt, a good number of broadcasting companies are utterly willing to lay their hands on this product. It is a perfect digital camcorder for recording television commercials, promos, live interviews, full HD movies andand many other uses.


It comes with three mm high quality Sony lenses, a PL mount adapter which makes it compatible with any Cine lens of size mm, an image sensor, a powerful slow feature, great zooming abilities, nativenative recording and multiple format recording which can be switched during operation.

Advantage over other products

The Sony PMW-F K is renowned for its high image quality and convenience in usage. This is the camcorder which confers a true film look upon any kind of video. On the other hand, its combination of three high quality lenses makes an ideal camera for any kind of video shooting. When it comes to flexibility, the device has a lot to offer users. You will be amazed by the flexibility of the device coupled with numerous workflow choices. It comes with a dual HD-SDI feature which facilitates uncompressed bit RGB signal output perfect for film production.

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