Sony Ericsson Xperia - 2

The mobile phone from the Sony Ericson Company – Xperia

Xperia is one of the families of such mobiles that are considered to be the smart phones. They can also be the tablets from the mobile company of Sony. The name of the family that is Xperia is supposed to be derived from the word experience and was firstly used in the tagline of X1 Xperia from the company of Sony Ericson. Xperia is supposed to be the best of the mobile phones of Sony Ericson, so yeah you can go for it.

History of Xperia

The X1 model of Xperia was the phone that was the first to be released in the range of Xperia. It was released in the year 2008; it was supposed to be featuring a display having a resolution that is high and it was considered to be intending for filling the gap that is widened between the smart phone like the other sort of competitors were eager to produce such device for smart phones that are considered to be having a high-end like Apple, HTC, etc. The X2 model of Xperia was supposed to be released in the year 2009 which had a better camera than X1, i.e. 8.1 Mega. You can

pixels and it was supposed to be including Wi-Fi, GPS, etc. By this time, there was supposed to be a shift which was very clear to the spectrum of the end of smart phone. The Pureness of Xperia was one of the exceptions; it is supposed to be such a phone that is translucent without the presence of camera the retailers sold it in some of the selected cities. There is the software of proprietary of Sony Ericson on which the model X5 Pureness is supposed to be based on.

More about the history

The model X10 of Xperia was supposed to be released in the beginning of the year 2010. It was supposed to be the first line of Xperia for featuring the operating system of Android, where the models that were previous were supposed to be run on the Windows Operating System.

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