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Sony Ericsson Satio review

The years between 2000 and 1010 saw Sony Ericsson produce a vast array of advanced phones. Since smart phones such as the Samsung galaxy and iPhones were not as common as they are today, most people took advantage of Sony Ericsson smartphones. In comparison to the smartphones of today, it is fair to say the Sony Ericsson smartphones of 6 years ago lag in various respects. However, they are still a cheaper option for individuals who cannot manage to afford the other smartphones such as the Samsung galaxy and Apple’s iPhone which are more expensive. Today, a perfect example of a reliable and affordable smartphone option is the Samsung Ericsson Satio. Since its release in the second month of February, Sony Ericsson Satio has been able to capture the attention of the members of the general public. It is a perfect option for all the enthusiasts of Sony Ericsson smartphones and also offers many people an opportunity to own an affordable smartphone associated with high performance and a great collection of features. Here is a full review of the smartphone.

General features

It comes with GSM/ HSPA technology, a weight of only 126 grams and a thickness of 13 mm. The body dimensions of the device are 112 x 55 x 13 mm and it operates a Mini SIM. In as far as screen size is concerned; the device comes with 3.5 inches screen size which is roughly 54.8 % as screen to body ratio. The screen resolution is 360 x 640 pixels and uses a resistive touch screen feature with 16 M colors and TFT in type.


Advanced features

The operating system of the device is the Symbian OS v9.4. It comes with a CPU which runs at 600 MHZ, a memory card slot which can accept up to 32 GB SD card sizes, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g as WLAN specs, Bluetooth, GPS, USB V2.0, a browser, office document viewer and an MP3 player.

Advantage over other Sony Ericsson smartphones

This device beats all the other Sony Ericsson smartphones that came before it because it comes with WLAN, GPS, multiple video format compatibility and a predictive text input feature. All these features were not available on the other Sony Ericsson devices which had preceded it.

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