Sony Ericsson PC suite was one of the latest developments of its time. It was primarily designed to add ease and comfort to your life. So let s go to the past. The Sony Ericsson PC suite allows you to connect you mobile phone to you personal computer and laptop.laptop. It makes your task of managing your personal data on computer easier. You can create backup and get connected to the internet. You can also send and edit messages and copy files. The software was replaced by Sony EricssonEricsson PC companion.


The latest versions of this software are very stylish and look beautiful. It is very simple and easy to use. As I already mentioned it allows you to synchronize your mobile with your personal computer soso that you can manage your phone and transfer files easily. The latest versions allows you to synchronize each and everything in your phone including contacts, tasks, calendar, bookmarks etc. Another thing you can synchronize is My Document folder. ItIt also has a backup and restore option that allows you to backup and restore necessary files on mobile phone. Using this program you can connect system to the internet via phone. It has an additional feature which can accessaccess messages in sent items, inbox and draft of your mobile phone. An additional thing you can do is editing, you can edit contacts and sent messages. You can also edit calendar and notes directly. It also has a picturepicture message creator. It allows you to send MMS through your mobile phone.


The Sony Ericsson PC suite is very easy to use. It is very simple to use. The best thing is that the program is free of cost. It makes it easier for all of us to make full use of this technology. The program is very light weight. Most of the mobile phones have limited RAM and ROM. This program is very light weight and it will not take that much space.


The only con of this program is that it does not support any operating system other than windows.

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