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Sony DSLR Camera review

Sony has prided itself as a reputable maker of high quality tech products. There is barely any technological product that they have brought on the market which have not been able to attract many buyers. Over the years, they have been the major makers of high quality television sets, stereos and DVD players. Today, Sony now makes laptops and PCs making it one of the best electronic product companies that are available in the industry today. In just over ten years ago, Sony had also begun to take over the camera business. The year 2005 saw Sony merge forces with Konica Minolta to jointly come up with digital cameras by sharing technological ideas and features. However, Konica dropped out of the agreement and sold all its shares to Sony. Today, Sony is now the major producer of SLR cameras which it had taken over from Konica. The following review is about the Sony DSLR-A100, which is yet another high quality Sony camera.

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Sony Dslr Camera

Current trends

The most important part of it is the fact that Sony has now made various modifications to some of the technological designs which Konica had brought on board. Therefore, the Sony DSLR cameras are actually better than their predecessors which came under the label Konica. If you had used the Konica DSLR cameras before, you will be able to notice a marked difference in certain features that the Sony DSLR cameras possess. The Sony DSLR A-100 also exhibits a number of distinct features that the Konica models lacked.


The Sony DSLR A-100 camera comes with many adorable features including the Anti-blur and anti-dust features which together prevent blurring and dust respectively. The camera also comes with a powerful processor referred to as the bionz image processor. There is also an eye start Auto Focus, perpetual shooting until media card is full, honeycomb pattern for metering, easy to read LCD and a Lithium ion battery.

Current popularity

Today, the Sony DSLR A-100 is one of the most popular cameras that are currently available on the market. It is perfect for all kinds of occasions. This attribute has enabled the camera to continue attracting many buyers.

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