Deeper Look over Sony Center

The Sony Center is popularly known to be JAHN designed that was sponsored by the Sony. It is an important and shining portrayal of Germany s development after the reunification. The Sony Center is the complex located at the Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, Germany. It was opened in and includesincludes the European headquarter of Sony.

Starting from the Scratch

After the Berlin Wall fall, Sony had been thoughtful about doing something bigger in Potsdamer Platz historical center of Berlin . With the thought of bringing a larger development inin this area, Sony planned to build their European headquarter at this area after acknowledging the European market.

Competition for Architectural:

The Berlin city had already developed a land-use plan for Potsdamer Platz that was also legal binding for thethe Sony Center architecture. The concept which was chosen was integrated into the general concept of planning the development of the city that specified that the Potsdamer Platz has to be re-constructed at its own place originally.

Shortly, it waswas a huge challenge by the Berlin city to be fulfilled in order to combine the already existing Hotel Esplanade parts. Hotel Esplanade was totally destroyed during the World War II

The straightforward demand of the unsure use waswas conclusive for architecture. Besides offices, living and public space, places for different commercial uses needed to be created, The Architect Helmut Jahn got the contract to design the Sony Center along with his Murphy and Jahn office.

Presently, itit has successfully accompanied the subway, highway traffic and underground rail which is a matter of proudness for the German after the reunification

Lighting Concept Used for Sony Center:

The brilliance concept used for the Sony Center was done by the Yann Kersale, Parisian Lighting Artist. Underling the beautiful construction of roof by the steel, fabrics and glass was the explicit concept of the Kersale s. In addition to that, he thought of having a clear glass and glassy fabric in order to reflect both the day and moon light in extra ordinary way.

As per the concept, the transparent part of the roof offers a projection for the change of light. The colors would change from cyan to magenta, representing the sunset. During nightfall, the lights over the surface would turn on and the roof constantly changed the colors.

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