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The Sony Alpha camera line

The announcement of new digital SLR brand

Sony Alpha is a camera system introduced by Sony in June 2006. It was announced after Sony had gotten hold of Konica-Minolta’s assets after the end of Konica’s operations. Sony used Konica technologies and added tweaks improvements to them, provided additional features and introduced the alpha camera line. Konica-Minolta lenses and accessories still work with the Sony digital SLR cameras.

This camera system was how Sony introduced itself in the digital SLR market. Sony manufactured a variety of camera types and models within this system. Sony uses A-mount and E-mount lenses which are adapted into three types of cameras, DSLR, SLT and mirrorless.

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Sony Alpha

Starting with the alpha100 Sony produced varieties of cameras which saw features ascending along with the line. In this line Sony featured cameras that employed three varying imaging technologies and two mounts.

A-mount lenses

These A-mount lenses are used by Sony and till now they have 19 of these lenses. Since they are the improvement of Minolta’s type-A bayonet mount’s all Minolta lenses work with Sony too. Sony themselves released their own ideas or new lenses but they were done by explaining the quality terms and not the specifications of the lens.

E-mount lenses

These mounts were added to the Sony lineup later in 2010. These are mirrorless cameras as well as camcorders. It wasn’t solely for the alpha lineup and were used for products such as Handycam, NXCAM and XDCAM. These were called NEX but this name was later dropped.

The DSLR –

They were the early models with three-digit model numbers, they feature the A-mount.

The SLT –

SLT was defined by Sony as single-lens translucent. These models had a fixed semi-reflective mirror and were similar in appearance to the DSLR. All these cameras have Sony A-mount and two-digit model numbers.

Mirrorless interchangeable-lens cameras-

Unlike the SLT and the DSLR these cameras have no mirror between the lens and sensor. These cameras use the Sony’s E-mount and NEX and ILCE models used this technology. Handycam, NXCAM and XDCAM use the E-mount although they are not of the alpha range.

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