Siemens Australia: A True Market Leader

Siemens Australia: A True Market Leader

A multinational conglomerate headquartered in Berlin, Germany, Siemens is theSiemens Australia corporate information. siemens australia ... ccnnuuf largest engineering company in whole of the Europe, with more than , , employees and an annual turnover of around billion in the year alone. It has it s headquarter at Bayswater, Victoria in Australia. Siemens Australia also looks afterSiemens Australia siemens australia partners with apeg rtgytjaafter the functioning of Siemens New Zealand.

Siemens Australia

Siemens has its presence in Australia and in New Zealand for more than a years now. Siemens Australia believes that to meet the rising demand of the modern world, innovative thinkingSiemens Australia siemens australia ltd | ddbpgbnthinking and further advancements in technology is of utmost importance. Thus, Siemens Australia with an R amp D team of experts in their field and a budget of AUD billion to offer best technology to its customers. It has alsoSiemens Australia siemens ausgraduates ndehozlalso introduced Siemens Innovative Forum that allows you to participate, learn and inspire others with innovative solutions for everyday situations.

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Siemens Products and Services

Being the largest engineering company in Europe, Siemens manufactures a very wide range of products that can be divided in categoriescategories like, automation, drives, construction, energy-related products, transportation-related products, medical products, lighting, and manufacturing plant-related products. High voltage transformers, trains, power generator, and CT scanners are some of their products from different categories.

Joint Venture in Australia

Silcar, an Australian organization with a work force of , people provides productivity alternatives for complex plants across the world. It was a joint venture by Thiess Services Pvt. Ltd and Siemens Australia. However, Thesis overtook complete control of the company on the year July . Some of the services are, construction, designing, maintenance, operation, and asset management. It works with a wide range of industries including power generation, power distributors, mining, telecommunications, and many manufacturing companies.

Siemens Graduate Program

Started in , Siemens Graduate Program is the first educational program started by Siemens. This year program allows you to get a masters and PhD degrees across different functional areas. It consists of work assignments and each assignment lasts for months. The students need to choose atleast different areas and out of the total three, is to be completed within the Siemens sectors. They are also accompanied by a mentor throughout their program.

Siemens Australia believes in sustainability to ensure that the future generation doesn t pay for what we are doing now. Ad, the only way to achieve this is to gain more knowledge that can lead to better innovations.

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