The 4K Experience

The 4K Experience

Most of us are really stuck with some bad models of TVs or other devices that has actually made us fed-up from such companies. We do expect quality at low price but we hardly get so and 4K seems like a distant target. But, there are some companies like Sharp Aquos which have fulfilled customer need since a long time and actually want to give its customers that high HD at low price. Sharp Aquos is a wide category of TVs made by Sharp Corporation, Japan which manufactures a really good range of models from portable 13’’ series to larger home theater screens with innovations in technology.

Major attractions:

After being released in 2001, they have been a good name for all these years and they have quite been successful in improving the standards each time. Recently they have featured Blue Ray disc players for the first time. Most of these TVs are based on Linux based OS. The pricing starts from $1800 and might get high depending on the model. And most recently, this company had a major breakthrough after introducing its series of Quattron plus TVs.

New Models:

Some new models were too released this year which have stolen the show in quite more places. Some of its new models in Quattron Plus range do offer Ultra HD 4K content. The TV offers over 5 million to 16 million sub pixels that has resulted in a greater picture quality. It actually gives customers to feel ultra HD contents at half price. With new innovations like these, the future market of the sharp aquos seems to be in quite a good level. The picture quality on these models is really great foe a non 4K display.

With these models, they have been able to give customers an HD experience at a middle price. This is actually beneficial to all those people looking for a middle range TV. The models are too well designed on outlook to give an extra touch to your living rooms.

So Sharp Aquos has started its move and now it’s all up to the customers to decide whether it is actually possible to experience 4K at the ordinary price.

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