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Moving with pros and cons of Seiki SE50UY04

If you have been looking forward for an inexpensive television with high definition resolutions, you can go for this simple and stylish Seiki SE50UY04. It has been able to break latest pricing grounds of four k resolutions. Its decent accuracy of colors makes it even more appealing though it cannot compete fully with standard brands.

Designs: it has simple menu systems with lots of familiar settings that make user easier to apply. There is a simple stand with plastic atop. Remote is quite plain, but easier to use.

Key features: it is a simple LCD with edge lit LED black light. It has no any provisions for internet connection as it is not a smart TV. But the refresh rate is around 120 Hz. No any DLNA complaints are found. It does not include any 3D glass and dejudder processing, but standard remote is available.

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Seiki Tv

Screen finish is matte type. It tries to accomplish simple goals and strives for the simplicity. Though you cannot expect a high resolution, but you can appreciate the high refresh rate mentioned above. The LED light provides standard and reliable edge variety without dimming. Illumination from sides is possible too. But you should be little careful with USB ports as it can only handle JPEG photos and MP3 music. Unavailability of videos should be considered.

Connectivity: there are three ports for HDMI and connections are considered quite ample. But the ports have capabilities to handle resolution till four k at high refreshing rates. It can be accomplished either through a display port VGA. But it lacks a connector which is little disappointing.

Picture settings and quality: you can get around 3 temperatures for color presets that does not include backlight control. Selections are almost bare bones that include 3 non adjustable pictures. If necessary, you can also swap ratio models. There can be little bit of issue with four k panels. There are certain factors such as black level and contrast, screen uniformity and color accuracy to enhance picture quality. Though it has poor black levels and inaccurate colors, but color is not that bad. A pixel fit perfectly and overall gives a satisfactory outcomes.

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