Rechargeable batteries

Rechargeable batteries

There is a brand named Eneloop which is well-known for the batteries that are supposed to be recharged and are associated devices that are developed by the company named Sanyo. It was introduced in the year in the month of November. Sanyo is now presently called as Panasonic. It isis considered to be such a battery that functions with a metal hydride and is a low nickel battery that is known for self-charging. In the first year it is only fifteen percent making a comparison with about four percent,percent, each day for other designs of NiMH. Hence, it is such that they are supposed to be sold in a pre-charged condition and they can be used all whenever required immediately. They are considered to be eco-friendly, because ofof the number of such batteries that are alkaline and can be such that they are supposed to be replaced during the cycle of their lives.

Generations of Eneloop

There are four generations of Eneloop, i.e. first generation, second generation,generation, third generation and fourth generation.

First generation of Eneloop

The Eneloops that were introduced originally were in the sizes like AA and AAA. They had capacities which were , mAh or so. They were such that they could bebe recharged about one thousand times and could be held up to about seventy five percent of the battery charging after a time of one year. This generation has a separate part number.

Second Generation of Eneloop

The second generationgeneration batteries of Enelop are such that they endure about fifteen hundred cycles for recharging which means that they can be recharged for fifteen hundred times. The mentioned revision is such that it is supposed to be holding about eighty five percent of the charge after a year and after three years, it hold about seventy five percent. It has another separate type number.

Third Generation and Fourth Generation of Eneloop

In the third generation batteries, further advancement took place. In third generation, the level of batteries got improved for retaining the capacity of the battery to ninety percent after a year.

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