Wider range of TVs popular in the market

Wider range of TVs popular in the market

If you want to get in touch with newer yet good range of TVs, then Sansui TV might just be the right choice for you. This year alone it has hit the market to make a claim on the global consumer electronics industry. Firstly established in , Sansui is alreadyalready considered as a market brand that has released some really qualitative consumer electronics products. Although it has remained under radar for some years, now it looks like it s ready to make some serious appearances in the global market.market. Recently, it has released four new series of TVs including brand new K LED TV and flat K TV. With these new ranges it aims to increase its markets share by the end of the year.

Price range:


To offer great economic merits, Sansui TVs have a price range ranging from Rs. , to Rs. , , . So, different level consumers can always find something to match their needs and range. Though most of its products cancan be obtained at a range of Rs. , to Rs. , they are easily affordable by any mid level family.

Model range:

Sansui offers from cheap LCD TVs to high end k TVs to match the market needs. TheThe inch Curved K LED is the most expensive in their list which might get topped b newer ranges in upcoming months. The sizes of TVs range from inch to inch. The TVs do have smart functionality modes that havehave android versions such as Android Jelly bean.

Major features :

Sansui TVs offer several breath taking features which include crystal clear pictures and real life like sound system . It has quality images, breath taking sound and smartness that can give completely new meaning to the way you watch your TV.

It has also several service centers all around the world so that you can get an easy yet efficient fix up whenever necessary.

So if you are interested in getting a new TV, then a peek into Sansui s products might help you a bit. They are very user friendly and you can make the best use of it.

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