Get a Samsung Wireless LAN Adapter for better surfing

Get a Samsung Wireless LAN Adapter for better surfing

Many companies tend to cut off the features of wireless connectivity from their computers or other such devices to save upon cost. Wireless connectivity is one of the most useful features therefore one needs to do something to rectify this problem.

Luckily, the south-Korean tech giant Samsung hashas provided a solution to the problem, by making available a USB connectible Samsung Wireless LAN Adapter. The module can be connected to the USB port just like a pen drive and when the driver installation is finished, one willwill be able to connect to any wireless network in the area.

Samsung Wireless LAN WIS ABGNX

Samsung Wireless LAN Adapter i.e. WIS ABGNX is the product, which was being talked about in the above paragraphs. The module is reallyreally slim and portable, thanks to it ergonomic design. Samsung Wireless LAN Adapter weighs only grams and acquires only . centimetres. Classified as a DRAM accessory for the devices, this can be connected to any device, including Blu-Ray Player, Televisions,Televisions, Smartphones and other such devices.

The module can also be used to gain access to a wider geographical area for communication, thereby providing additional benefits. One will not have any hassle with the installation procedure unlike the modern Wi-FiWi-Fi adapters, which require manual configuration and app installation. The device is made to be a plug and play device and nothing else.

The technical stuff

The module on the front on the device is a USB . compatible one,one, therefore you are ensured against any older hardware. Bands up to . GHz and all the way down to . GHz can be forwarded to the device connected. Samsung apps can also be streamed through the device. When paired with a Samsung Smart TV, the device will be able to host Smart Hub and many such applications.

The module will allow security options, including / bit, WEP, WPA / WPA, WPS, x when used as a Wi-Fi emitter. As categorized be the type of wireless connectivity, this falls under the title of . n.

Where to buy

The Samsung Wireless LAN Adapted is available through Amazon, EBay and retail stores.

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