Why you should go in for that Samsung phone- or why not!

Why you should go in for that Samsung phone- or why not!

Looking for a phone Think Samsung
Are you looking to buy a phone If yes, then you must already have realized that quite a few models and makes exist in the market, which can get quite overwhelming for any kind of buyer- no matter how experienced or knowledgeableknowledgeable . One of the biggest mobile manufacturers in the world right now is Samsung, and there is a large portion of the market dominated by Samsung. If you too are thinking about joining the Samsung bandwagon, then reading aheadahead will help you know a bit more about what to expect when you get a Samsung

What to expect when you get a Samsung Phone

Being one of the biggest phone manufacturers globally, you can surely expect thatthat support for Samsung phones will not be hard to find. Service and repair centers are spread across the globe though there really is no provision for international warranty or anything similar , and you can be sure that youyou will not really face much issues on that front. In addition, the wide range of models that Samsung makes also means that is something for almost everyone. Right from a phone with the best camera to amazing audio qualityquality or fast processing- Samsung makes and sells it all.

However, the one thing that has drawn a lot of flak from all Samsung users is the fact that they bloat up their phones with a lot of not-so-important stuff,stuff, most of which cannot even be deleted by the user. For phones with a limited memory, this can be quite a drawback. Also, many users report that this also causes their phones to slow down- which is becoming increasingly common amongst Samsung handsets now. However, that is something that the user can take care of as well- using nothing more than an app or two to free up some RAM.

The Verdict

As far as Android phones go, Samsung offers a range that has more variety than any other manufacturer. Does that mean that you could look at a Samsung phone as your next potential Smartphone Maybe, especially with phones like the Note which have been selling like hot cakes- and sure to continue their streak in the market .

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