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Samsung Pad or the Galaxy 10.1

Samsung has done it again in spectacular style. If you have used any Samsung product before, you will obviously admit to their perfect nature and high performance features. No doubt, you will obviously realize that the products are actually worth buying. The latest Galaxy 10.1 is another state of the art tablet which is often said to be the Samsung pad of the generation. Being a perfect tablet capable of competing favorably with Appleā€™s iPod, the Galaxy tablet is a perfect device for every individual who wishes to experience the best features that any tablet has to offer. This is the best device that anyone can have at the moment. No wonder it is exactly what every individual out there is looking for. A quick look at its collection of features will reveal that it is definitely worth buying. The following specifications are associated with the Samsung pad.

Samsung Pad - 1
Samsung Pad

Basic features

The tab has a battery life of up to 9 hrs when watching videos and 72 hours when listening to music. In case you are wondering what type of battery the device has, it comes with a built-in 7000mAh battery. It also comes with a very responsive touch screen feature. The device also comes with a preinstalled browser for the internet and an adobe flash player for streaming live videos. All android compatible internet apps are supported by the device. The cameras for the device are two; there is one in front and another at the back. They are both high quality cameras producing HD quality images. The back one is a 3 MP camera with a LED flash feature, while the front one is a 2 MP camera.

Advanced features

The device has numerous advanced features including sensors, the Samsung social hub, the latest operating system for Android tablets, multitasking and split view features, various input and output devices, GPS based locators and Google maps location features.

Other features

There are Google mobile services such as YouTube, Gtalk, Gmail and Google calendar, Google places and Google maps. There is also a preinstalled mobile office with all the necessary office tools.

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