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Samsung Monte Feature phone

Samsung Monte was a feature phone, launched in March 2010 by the Korean giant Samsung. Since its release, the phone created humongous waves in the feature phone segment considering what it had to offer to its buyers. The phone supported a good set of specifications for that time and topped the list of best feature phones in the year. The phone was also known as Onix and Kabuki in different markets. Let us see what the company had packed inside the Samsung Monte.

Hardware and Software

The phone supported 200MB of RAM paired with a processor manufactured by Samsung. Considering the software, it ran on i.e. Touchwiz, the RAM was enough to keep the phone running buttery smooth. A microSD slot beneath the battery is provided, which allows the user to expand storage up to 16GB. On the flipside, the internal storage was limited to 200MB only that makes a microSD Card a must.

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Samsung Monte

The phone was also packed with a GPS locator, which was unusual considering the phone. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support was also provided through a module. The phone also offered a 3.5mm jack with Digital Natural Sound Engine to enhance the sound listening experience.

Display and Camera

A 400×240-resolution panel has been installed on the front side of the phone. The panel scaled to 3 inches diagonally; therefore gets a pixel density accreditation of 155ppi. No protection is being provided to the panel.
A 3.15 MP rear-camera module has been provided, that can snap images up to 2048×1536 in resolution. The phone also doubles as a video recorder. A front CIF camera has been installed.

Other components

The Samsung Monte allows users to stream Radio when inserted a pair of earphones in the jack. The phone offers accelerometer sensor. In the box, one will get a 1000mAh battery based on the Lithium Ion technology. The pack shall last the phone for more than 760 hours on 2G. 3G support is also provided, which is being limited to a couple of bandwidths only. The phone accepts only one SIM at a time, which too will be a mini-SIM card.

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