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Samsung mobile phones prices

Samsung phones are renowned for being associated with high performance and ease of use. Ever since the first Samsung phone hit the market, numerous other phones have been introduced by Samsung each promising to offer something new and better. Today, Samsung is in control of both the regular phone market as well as the Smartphone market. This is mainly because of the quality of the phones that Samsung introduces each year. In as far as pricing is concerned; Samsung phones can range from being among the most expensive phones to the least available on the market. However, this depends on the model involved and the country under consideration. Smartphone’s can really be pricy compared to the regular models. But, they are fairly affordable if compared to other smart phones such as the ones under the label Sony and Apple. To have an idea of the prices of Samsung Smartphone’s, here is a good look at some of the prices of Samsung Smartphone’s in India. All the prices indicated are in Indian rupees.

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The Samsung galaxy single SIM phones

Samsung has invested heavily in the making of Smartphone’s. Today, they are among the leading makers of high quality smart phones which have managed to take the market by storm.

The Samsung galaxy S4 is among the most recent Samsung galaxy Smartphone’s. It is a single SIM Smartphone which only costs up to Rs 15, 999.

There is also the Samsung galaxy S6 which is yet another high quality Smartphone that Samsung has brought on board. This one fetches up to Rs 37, 800.Check best prices and reviews about Samsung mobile phones .

You can also look out for the Samsung galaxy S5 which preceded the S6. This one is able to fetch up to Rs 23, 000.

Samsung Mobile Prices - 6

Other advanced Samsung galaxies include the note 3, note 4 and S3 smart phones which can fetch up to Rs 25, 500, Rs 38, 700 and Rs 12, 700 respectively.

Samsung galaxy dual SIM phones

Samsung also has numerous dual SIM phones. Perfect examples are the Samsung galaxy Grand max, the Samsung galaxy E7 and the Samsung galaxy grand prime which cost Rs 12, 040, Rs 16, 750 and Rs 10, 390 respectively.

Mini versions

There are also mini versions which Samsung had introduced alongside the extra-large versions which have been indicated above. A major example is the Samsung galaxy S4 Mini which costs up to Rs 13, 500.

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