Samsung is one of the leading companies in the world of electronics. They are manufacturing all the major electronic appliances like refrigerators, air conditioners, smart phones etc. Samsung was established in and since then they are making customers with their best quality products. Nowadays Samsung products are being used allall across the world and people simply love them.

From where it all started:

One of the major products that Samsung produces is Samsung mobile phones. The story starts from when the very first mobile phone was launched from Samsung.Samsung. The phone was named as SC- . The phone was specifically developed for in car use. It took two years to develop the first phone and it had some minor issues as well. As soon as their first mobilemobile phone gained popularity, there was no way back. The success of SC- paved way for SH- . SH- was the first truly mobile cell phone from Samsung. As we all know that technology was expensive in the past, soso many people were not able to buy it. But, it was a success for Samsung.

Changed according to time:

After that Samsung started manufacturing mobile phones rapidly. As the time passed, Samsung released many new phones at that time.time. You must have seen tradition mobile phones with hard buttons. Many of the older people are still using those phones as they find it difficult to use touch phones. Samsung manufactured all kinds of mobile phones in all shapesshapes and sizes to make as many customers as possible. Nowadays, Samsung is one of the top rated mobile phone companies and are producing all the latest phones with latest technologies. Samsung galaxy and Samsung notes are very popular these days.

Why Samsung

The reason why people love Samsung phones is the quality. All of the Samsung phones are highly reliable and efficient. The latest phones come with the latest technologies and crystal clear display. You can have any phone according to your desire and requirements. The appearance and the quality of Samsung phones is second to none. Most of the smart phones hang a lot and are not fast. Samsung mobile phones are fast and accurate.

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