LED TVs and why the Samsung LED TV leads the bunch

LED TVs and why the Samsung LED TV leads the bunch

The invention of LED screens has been revolutionary in the Television making industry. This because of the many benefits that it brought to not only the consumers but manufactures as well. Samsung, one of the largest electronics manufacturer was not to be left behind on such a great discovery. It does have its own line of LED TVs. Market leaders actually. But before that, let us take a look first at why LED TVs are liked so much. By all parties no less.

Why LED TVs are the ‘it’ thing at the moment.

This is because of a number of benefits that accrue to both manufactures and the consumers. Firstly there is the cost benefit accruing to both parties. They require less power meaning manufactures produce them more cheaply while consumers pay less in utility bills. It has more consistent light, produces better color calibration. To these common features and benefits, Samsung adds on other features that make their line of LED TVs quite spectacular but in this cut throat industry, words like spectacular accompanying your products is what it takes to lead the pack.

Samsung Led Tv - 1
Samsung Led Tv

The Curved TV.

A spectacular creation indeed and a first in the industry. It was invented by Samsung. It comes in a variety of dimensions 48’ being the smallest, 78’ being the largest. All the TV sets also pack a High Definition (HD) display with more advanced ones having UHD screens. It is available in a number of series of Samsung TVs including:

• Series 6

• Series 7

• Series 8

• Series 9

Smart TV.

This is a technology that is fast spreading in the TV making industry. It involves the integration of Smart features within the TV sets. It gives the TV sets Smartphone like capabilities. This is by among other things, making the TVs Wi-Fi enabled and able to access the internet. Touchscreen capabilities are also enabled as well as the ability to make calls over the internet in some. Truly amazing right?

The Costs.

You will sweat more for such a TV. At least more than you would for the older generation TVs that used cathode rays. If you have some extra money to spend. This would be a great place to do so.


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