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Samsung galaxy tab is a whole series of android based tables produced by Samsung. The Samsung tab was first launched in the year 2010 and since then there is no way back. The tabs reached so much height and the company manufactured a great number of tabs after that. Samsung galaxy tab is simple loved by all the users. These tabs are available in different sizes and price ranges. It is very easy for the one to find a tab according to his or her requirements. Let me tell you about few of the famous Samsung galaxy tab.Check best prices and reviews about .

Samsung Galaxy Tab - 1
Samsung Galaxy Tab


First of all let me tell you about the models.

–Samsung galaxy tab
– Galaxy tab 7.0
– Galaxy tab 7.0 plus
– Galaxy tab 7.7
– Galaxy tab 8.9
– Galaxy tab 10.1
–Samsung Galaxy tab 2
–Samsung Galaxy tab 3
–Samsung Galaxy tab 4
–Samsung Galaxy tab Pro
–Samsung Galaxy tab S
–Samsung Galaxy tab A
–Samsung Galaxy tab S2
–Samsung Galaxy nexus and galaxy note

Samsung Galaxy tab:

Most of these tabs used to run on Android 2.2 and 3.2. The earlier ones used to ran on Android 2.2 while the others ran on Android 3.2. They were the best tabs at that time.

Samsung Galaxy tab 2:

Samsung galaxy tab 2 is the second generation galaxy tabs. They were slightly thicker and less cheap. Issues in the previous versions were fixed in this series. Android 4.0 was used in these tabs.

Samsung Galaxy tab 3:

It was announced in 2013 and was much better than the previous ones. It was launched with the aim of providing budget friendly technology.

Samsung Galaxy tab 4:

This series was launched with the same purpose. All the tabs in these series featured 1.2 GHz processors and 1.5 GB RAM.

Samsung Galaxy tab Pro:

This series was announced in the year 2014. They are perfect and come with all the latest features.

Samsung Galaxy tab A:

This is one of the latest series. It comes in two different sizes and is equipped with all the latest technologies and apps.

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