Samsung galaxy S II review

Samsung is renowned for being among the major makers of high quality electronic products. Over the years, they have been considered as being among the leading makers of television sets, stereos and home theatre systems. But, they are also among the best makers of mobile phones. Their mobile phones areare available to both the regular and smartphone market. In particular, they have come up with some of the best smartphones the mobile phone market has ever witnessed. A perfect example of a reliable Samsung smartphone is the Samsung galaxygalaxy S II. Over the years, the phone has been able to attract attention from all corners of the earth. It is also one of the leading smartphones that Samsung has ever produced. Here is a good look at somesome of the most notable attributes that are associated with the phone.

General features

It comes with a very light body and has very small thickness of only . mm, a loudspeaker and earpiece, great battery life, highly responsive touchscreen,touchscreen, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, remarkable image resolution with a great picture quality, . inch screen, great display in HD exhibiting a great color combination and richness, headphone jack, USB charging and data port, plays videos and audios in almost anyany file format, a camera for both video shooting and image capturing. There is a rear camera with an image resolution of megapixels and a front one featuring megapixels as resolution. The device uses the latest Android operating system andand boasts of a very powerful processor, a RAM of GB, a variety of preinstalled apps such as Gtalk and googleplay.

Product advantage over others

The phone comes with numerous advantages that make it better than most of the smartphones that are currently available on the market today. In particular, its slim and exceedingly elegant body makes the phone attractive and worth buying. On the other hand, it also promises convenience due to its collection of many advanced features.

General availability and popularity

Due to its popularity, the Samsung galaxy S II is readily available in many mobile phone stores world over. You can also buy it from many online stores across the globe.

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