Samsung Galaxy Apps - 7


Samsung galaxy apps popularly known as Samsung apps is an app store that is used in all the smart phones manufactured by Samsung. This is a special app store only meant for the use of Samsung smart phone users.
The Samsung galaxy apps features hundreds of latest apps and also provides promotion and customization and regular discounts to the users of Samsung Galaxy phones. Samsung is a brand that is always willing to do something different and unique. The major idea behind manufacturing a whole new and unique app store was to provide ease and a distinct feeling to all Samsung galaxy users.


The overall look and feel of the galaxy app is awesome. It looks great and beautiful. It is user-friendly and is very easy to use. Even a person with no knowledge of phone or the kid who is using it for the first time can easily understand the working and functionality of the store.


The user interface is overall comprised of 3 sections. These include best picks, top and galaxy. The best picks section allows you to find the recommended apps. The recommended apps are recommended by the editors and is based upon your previous downloads. The top section allows you to have a look at the top apps. The app is placed under the top section if it is downloaded by many of the users and top ratings and reviews are given to it. You can view these apps in any order according to their date, popularity and price.

Samsung Galaxy Apps - 7

For Galaxy:

The ‘for galaxy’ section is further split into 4 sections. First one is Galaxy Gifts. Galaxy Gifts offers apps for Samsung galaxy devices. The second section is Galaxy essentials and it consists of apps that are essential for your galaxy device. You can mention it as a must-have for your galaxy device. The third section is Apps for Professionals and it consists of business focused apps and services. The last section is Galaxy Specials. Galaxy Specials allows you download apps that are created specifically using the Samsung SDKs.


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