Samsung Galaxy S5. A Solid upgrade any day

Samsung Galaxy S5. A Solid upgrade any day

Released by Samsung in Barcelona back in February . The Samsung Galaxy S promised to better than its previous version with all the hype that had been built around it. Having experienced a drop in sales margin in the previous year. Samsung had to bring the wow factor. The mightymighty manufacturer took a seat and actually listened to what consumers wanted in their gadgets. The result was definitely an improvement. With the following features being worthy of a mention.

Addition of a fingerprint Scanner and Heart rate monitor.


This is what captured the attention of most Samsung fans out there and am sure it will also be a reason they flocked stocked stores to get their hands on one. A daring move by Samsung, it achieved all theythey wanted in attracting publicity and driving sales but come to think of it, for that price, is it really worth it Also, granted it does offer an added security layer, the fingerprint scanner can be quite frustrating. Reports ofof the heart rate monitor not being entirely accurate have also surfaced putting into question the feature.

But there is a good side of the S too.

Its features are not entirely bad. It scores highly on the display asas it s simply fantastic. The waterproof casting is also an added plus. You can actually dip it in up to a meter of water for up to a minutes without any damage. Surprisingly so as the headphone jack isis forever completely open. The design as well adds a firmer grip to the phone making it less slippery than previous versions. New design features include a more square like shape, with a plastic casting. It also has longer battery life. This powered by a mAh battery up from mAh It also has an external storage capacity of up to GB, with it packing either GB or GB worth of internal storage.

Pitting the pros and cons, you will find that the phone is actually a real upgrade of previous versions. This even with its most wow factor features proving to be a letdown in some instances. The core features remain truly impressive. Also, the fact that it s been a while since its release, the price is definitely bound to depreciate as the hype dies down. This sets you up for a nice bargain should you decide to purchase it. wwcAmzAffProducts asin B Y PGPKC /wwcAmzAffProducts wwcAmzAffProducts asin B OSLB E /wwcAmzAffProducts wwcAmzAffProducts asin B L OADJY /wwcAmzAffProducts

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