Samsung producing its own Drivers for electronics

Samsung is a public Conglomerate multinational corporation based in South Korea that initially started as a trading company in . The company soon expanded its business into food processing, textiles, insurance and retailing and soon entered the electronic market in the late s making the enterprise the largest public companycompany in South Korea. The company has been divided into four major groups out of which Samsung Electronics form the biggest division of the company with respect to workforce, revenue generation and profits. Samsung forms almost of the South KoreaKorea s total GDP in billions every year.

Growing need of Drivers:

With the introduction of Samsung Electronics and computers handling majority of the electronic workload in almost all of the companycompany s devices, there was a huge outcry of having patch software and drivers for these devices to function properly on different platforms like Macintosh and windows based systems. Samsung Printer Language commonly known as SPL was among the mostmost famous driver that was in growing need across the globe. The introduction of USBs and mobile phones and cameras and connecting them to other platforms greatly increased the demand of the need of Samsung drivers for the devices toto function properly.

Idea of making own drivers:

Samsung has been creating and developing all patches and drivers even the all new software version for the smartphones itself now. Rather than issuing manuals and how to install processes of their drivers into the platforms, they started providing built-in drivers in the available platforms as a joint venture with different companies to enhance technology leading to further advancement. With Samsung introducing its devices on the Android platform for smartphones and the windows platform for its computers and laptops, Samsung has started making its own drivers with distinct functionalities for the device to perform different functions and provide different technology to its consumers as compared to its high-end competitors.

Current Status:

Currently, Samsung has dozens of its newly launched drivers and software patches for its electronic devices and their smooth functionality. USB and printer drivers remain one of the most famous drivers of the Samsung Company up to date.

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