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Get mobile with Samsung Corby

Samsung is a big brand in the name of electronic products and presently the top player in the field of mobile phones. They have many models under their name with different features. From small to big size, Samsung has phones which suffice the needs of maximum users. Samsung phones are very user friendly and compatible with many other operating systems which make them a mobile of choice amongst people who like hassle free phone usage. Samsung from its many other models of mobile phones consists of Samsung Corby which is the entry level touch screen phone and comes in very peppy, bright and trendy style.

Samsung Corby

Samsung Corby is a great solution for people who are tech-savvy and like to keep in track with the new and upcoming technologies in mobile phones. Samsung Corby phones are greatly appealing to the youth or the younger crowd who are very active with updates on social media and like personalization and customization. Samsung Corby looks very trendy, fresh and jazzed up version of mobile phones. It is as bright as the young generation. The back covers specially come with many colors and can be interchanged depending on your mood or style. This feature brings in a feel of owning a new mobile each day. Samsung Corby has a good touchscreen, and offers apps for social networking which include Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and much more. You can also share videos or upload them on YouTube, Picasa directly. Just a tap and you can access any information in any part of the world.

Samsung Corby - 5
Samsung Corby 

Features of Samsung Corby

Some of the major features of Samsung Corby include:

– 2.8 inches wide touch screen
– Touch screen consists of QVGA resolution
– 90 MB storage capacity
– 2 Mega Pixel focus camera ( Also contains smile detection feature)
– Quad Band GSM
– Office document viewer for accessing your office documents
– Bright and sturdy back covers which can be interchanged ( Known as fashion jackets for mobile phones)
– Affordable prices
– FM radio option
– Social networking in built tiles

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