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Samsung is one of the biggest names in the production of electronics equipment and other products in the world. They have been able to create a niche of quality, durability and class for themselves for the 77 years they have been in existence since 1938. One of their products is the mobile phone which is very popular all over the world.


A mobile phone is a type of telephone that can be easily carried about. Unlike the first type of telephone which were fixed and wired, mobile phones operate on wireless technology and could be carried around. Most mobile phones make use of sim cards which are sold by network service providers. To use a mobile phone for communication therefore, you would need to get a sim card from a network service provider in your area. Apart from making and receiving calls which is the major purpose of the mobile phones, Samsung mobile phones serve a lot of other purposes as would be discussed earlier.Check best prices and reviews about .


Samsung started producing mobile phones in the year 2001. This was the period that mobile phones were just beginning to become popular and a lot of developing nations did not have the infrastructure for mobile networks. Initially, their mobile phones concentrated on just making and receiving phone calls with other features such as time, alarm clock, stop watch and monochrome games amongst others. With time, more features were added, one of the most common during the early time was the camera and wap ability. The camera allowed mobile phone users to use the phone to make calls while wap allowed users to be able to browse with their phone. It was also possible to connect your phone with a cable to serve as a modem for your computer. Mobile phones then upgraded to smart phones where the phones could carry out a lot of complex digital tasks and the invention of mobile phone touchscreens. Samsung was able to stay in competition with other top mobile phone producers and is today among the top 3 mobile phone producers in the world.


Some of the uses of the latest Samsung mobile phones include:

• Making and receiving of phone calls.

• Sending and receiving of text messages.

• Browsing the internet, including push mail services where e-mail messages are received like text message and social networks.

• Using as a modem, either by tethering via USB cable or as a hotspot.

• Alarm clock, stop watch and timer.

• Snapping of pictures.

• Listening to radios including FM radios and Internet radios

• Music and Video player.

• Voice and video recorder.

Apart from the uses mentioned above, there are a whole lot of other uses you can put your Samsung mobile phone into.


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