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Samsung revolutionizing its Camera product line

Samsung is a South Korean based multinational electronic company comprising of numerous subsidiaries and businesses operating under the Samsung brand name headquartered in the Samsung town of Seoul. Samsung was originally founded as a trading company in 1938 and became diversified in food processing, insurance securities and retail later onwards. Samsung entered into the electronic industry in the late 1960s. Since then, Samsung has been a global leader in the electronics industry as a leading mobile phone manufacturer and among the top leaders holding a greater market share in the product line of Cameras and home appliances.

Samsung Camera - 1
Samsung Camera

Launch of Cameras by Samsung:

Like every other electronic company, Samsung also launched its Cameras in the beginning of the new Millennium due to the increase in demand of the cameras and the rising trend of taking pictures especially in the younger generation. Samsung began its launch of Cameras through its DIGIMAX series that proved quite successful in the international market and was able to hold a considerable market share locally and globally due to the presence of high-end competitors like Canon and Nikon etc. Samsung introducing its new series of digital cameras as the NX series earned the company quite a reputation in the camera product line globally.

Keeping up with Technology:

Inspired by the arrival of the Digital SLR cameras, Samsung launched its own DSLR cameras which proved to be quite a disappointment for the company and the company had to shut off the manufacturing of the product ending up in a loss. The launch of NX series in the field of digital cameras earned the company a respectable reputation among its high-end competitors and Samsung’s technology driven digital cameras are still available up to date across many nations.

Current Status:

Samsung made its major breakthrough in the camera product line by the introduction of its Galaxy Camera as a point and shoot camera based on an Android operated mobile devices manufactured by Samsung. Samsung is currently the leading mobile manufacturer with the Galaxy Camera across the world earning the company a distinct place in the electronic market as a camera manufacturer.

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