No more untangling the wires!

No more untangling the wires!

Traditionally, we have been using wired headsets but they can be a big nuisance due to limited wire length. They also tend to be mishandled and stretching of wire close to the buds can lead to damaged earphones. st century saw the introduction of Bluetooth Headsets which use the radioradio waves to transfer data and voice between enabled devices. One of the leading manufacturer and retailer in this field is Samsung with more than variety of models available to choose from.


Samsung categorized these devices by their usageusage i.e. either music playing or answering audio calls. Music playing or stereo headsets provides option for both ears while audio headsets are fitted with a microphone with a singly monaural device for one ear. Samsung initially began with BluetoothBluetooth v . headsets which were at an acceptable audio quality but couldn t play music at a good rate. These days it is rolling out headsets with the A DP profile which has great audio and music compatibility.


Taming the Competition

Samsung faces tough completion from other players in the field like Sony, JBL, Jabra, Bose etc but has some standout features like:
. Advanced noise cancellation features
. Sleek and light weight designs
.. Superior audio and music quality
. Value for money


Samsung is constantly trying to overcome the stiff challenge from not only its competitors but also the apprehension in the general public due to:
. PossiblePossible health hazard like Cancer, Tumour, Neck pain, headaches etc due to increased exposure to radio waves
. Ear pains and heating of the devices
. Draining out the battery of the paired device


Samsung offers a great alternative to regular wired headsets with these wireless Bluetooth headsets but faces solid competition from a lot of similar brands and products. These devices do offer a lot of convenience and hassle free experience but can t deny the associated health hazards. Samsung should ideally look at standing out from the competitors by focusing on reducing the health risks as there is very little difference it can attain in the working of the device.

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