Samsung 32 - 7

Samsung 32 inch tv features

The Samsung 32 inch tv is one of the best modern television sets that are currently available on the market today. It comes with a number of advanced features that have accounted for its current popularity and ability to attract buyers from all over the world. The television set is one of Samsung’s leading television sets on the market. This may explain why the set is readily available in many stores around the entire globe today. You can also buy the Samsung 32 inch television set from many online stores today. Suppose you have prospects of buying this television set but you have no idea whether it possesses the features you may like or not, consider the following information.

High picture quality

The Samsung 32 inch television set is renowned for its high picture quality and perfect resolution in as far as image is concerned. With a perfect LED screen, the television set is able to deliver high quality images and pictures. You can view images from an external device such as flash drive in HD. The colour combination is exotic and up to the mark. You will be able to observe even the smallest dent on the surface of an image. Its image resolution capability is 1080 p and has a motion feature of 240Hz at a motion rate of 60.

Several input and output ports

The television set also comes with a good number of input ports. There are 2 HDMI ports that are available for use. A user can connect to external devices such as laptops and tablets using the two HDMI ports. Other input and output ports include the digital out, a single USB port, composite IN AV, RF in and audio out.

Several advanced features

The television set also comes with a number of advanced features including high quality sound effects, a game mode, and an auto power off feature as well as connect share.


The television set also comes with various accessories including a remote, a remote control battery, power cable, vesa wall mount compatibility, user manual and a mini wall mount compatibility,

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