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Developing States prefer the RCA Converter Box

Radio Corporation of America more commonly known as RCA is an electronic enterprise based in the United States of America which was established in 1919 and stayed as a private enterprise till 1985 till it became a subsidiary of the General electric company of US and dissolved RCA in 1986. RCA had quite a potential market share back in the day due to the lack of high-end competitors in the US market of electronics. RCA was quite famous among the common mass for its converter boxes in the suburban areas where the televisions were not digitalized and were not able to view the next generation cable subscriptions.

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Rca Converter Box

No Potential Market in Developing States:

There has been quite a debate over the lack of high-end competitors in the developing countries due to the volatility of the market and especially the suburban areas of United States. No multinational corporations like Sony, Samsung and Panasonic operated in these areas due to a lesser amount of potential customers. RCA was the electronic company flourishing and well established in these areas for quite a while due to its affordable and durable products that even worked with the obsolete and old models of the customers in these suburban areas of United States.

Using Antique Televisions:

The televisions being used by the common mass in these areas were old and obsolete that worked on dish TVs and Antennas and the declining trend of these tools in the country led to the massive uproar of these areas being deprived of watching Television. RCA introduced its converter box that became widely popular across the whole country and the trend became a common purchase for every household in the late 1970s when television started being digitalized. RCA converter box enabled the antique and obsolete televisions to operate TV cable operation by plugging in the cable available by the operators.

Current Status:

The phenomenon of using an RCA converter box with your television was on the horizon until the all new color screened Flat Televisions stormed the US market making the old televisions extinct leading to the decline of the RCA converter box across all the states.

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