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Comparison between Polaroid printers

Polaroid zip

Polaroid Zip printers are supposed to be the most portable printers of all. In most of the cases, if you are planning to buy such a printer which is considered to be an instant printer, you might desire for it to be portable or to be having a small footprint, at least. The Canon Selphy can easily be eliminated in such type of category. This is because it has a weight of about two pounds and it requires to be plugged in. The Zip and Instax printers are such that they can be easily fitted in a pack that is known as a backpack and it’s not like it would be weighing you down. However, Instax seems to be outdated in comparison with the Zip printer. The level of difference between the two can be understood by the example of CRT monitor and Flat-panel screen.

Polaroid Printer - 1
Polaroid Printer

Fujifilm Instax

Fujifilm Instax is supposed to be one of the fastest printers. The Zip, Instax and Fujifilm, all the three printers are supposed to be producing a picture in a matter of minutes, but only the printer of Instax is such that it can print a photo in seconds. The speed that is discussed here shows the time that is taken for the picture to be printed from that moment when the button for print is being pressed. In case of Selphy and Zip printers, the photo is ready to be viewed as soon as it is delivered. However, in case of Instax, it cannot be viewed this way. You are required to be waiting for a few minutes so that the image seems to be appearing.Check best prices and reviews about .

Canon Selphy

Canon Selphy is considered to be one of those printers that are the best in their quality. It is not an easy job for building such a printer that seems to fit your hand and to be producing photos that have a high quality. It can be probably the reason for Canon to refuse for sacrificing its quality of printing for one of the factors. Although Selphy is not very portable but it produces the best quality photos.

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