All you need to know about Philips Universal Remote

All you need to know about Philips Universal Remote

Know when to use Universal remote
If you have lost or damaged you remote, Philips Universal Code can be a better option for your problem regarding different electronics being operated by remote control. Similarly if you have many electronics being used in home such as Sound system, DVDDVD players and television, a single Philips remote control can eliminate the need of many remote. All you need to know is Philips Universal Remote Control Code

Control Code: The universal remote control can be used with almost all brandsbrands video and audio devices. For each audio/video devices it is very necessary to enter specific code usually code are provided with manual that comes with this universal remote. Or search tool is provided in internet to find the rightright code for device. You need to know your remote number that is usually written in front of the remote or inside the battery compartment.

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Step :: First of all turn on the electronic device that needs to be programmed onto the remote.
Step : For activating the programming mode on the remote control, Press the Setup button and hold it if the remote containscontains only one. Then release it when the red light constantly illuminates. Now in order to choose the type of device that needs to be programmed, press and hold the device button. There will be blinking of red light once and be steady to confirm the programming mode for that device button.

Step : In case if the remote control doesn t have setup button, press the device button and hold it for the device that needs to be programmed. Then while releasing the button you will notice the red light blinking on the remote. The red light blinking helps to know that the remote is in programming mode.

Step : Now find the four digit code that is necessary for the device. One can find the remote control manufacturer code in the documentation that came along with the remote control or Philips Universal Remote Control Code Finder website. Still one is unable to find the code, use so the remote control can scan all the device codes available.

Step : Then enter the code using the remote control keypad. After holding the Power button, release it when the device gets turn off. Sometimes it can take long time when the scanning of codes is taking place.

Step : When the remote becomes unable to find the code, it can be done manually by using the channel up button.

Step : In order to store the code. Don t forget to press the Setup button.

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