Dental care for kids with Philips sonicare

Dental care for kids with Philips sonicare

Philips is a trusted brand which deals with home appliances and lighting solutions. It was established by Gerard Philips along with his Frederick, his father. They have worked towards creating novel and innovative solutions for people with range of products in various areas like self-grooming tools, home appliancesappliances and lighting. In self-grooming products they include shavers for men, body grooming and oral health care products. Oral healthcare products include sonicare for kids. It is an amazing technology for keeping dental hygiene and shiny teeth. It is oneone of the best ways to clean your teeth, especially in kids who keep on eating junk food and chocolates all the time.

Philips sonicare

Philips sonicare is an amazing sonic electric teeth cleaning brush. This type of cleaning toothtooth brush is recommended for kids who are in the age of four years or elder. It works on electric power and sonic technology. It comes with two different brush head sizes and is extremely good in removing plaque andand tartar from the teeth. It is known to give , brushing strokes in one minute. Complete cleaning and oral hygiene can be maintained in kids by using Philips sonicare. It is known that the sonic action of the brushbrush is also effective in removing bacteria from places where it cannot reach. This phenomenon is called fluid dynamics which disrupts the dental plaque and removes bacteria. Sonic action provides enhanced removal of bacteria and better oral hygiene.

Benefits ofof Philips sonic care

Kids usually like to munch on chocolates, junk food, and pizza, noodles which are sticky and tend to stay in your mouth for longer times, which helps bacteria grow and form plaques. One should be very careful about oral hygiene in kids to avoid painful teeth cleaning. The benefits of Philips sonicare include

Works on electric and sonic power, this enhances the cleaning effect

Comes with sizes of brush heads

Easy to handle and use

Can be customized with stickers

Also comes as rechargeable option

Preferred by many dental professionals for use

Comes with timer to increase the time of brushing

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